Live like a Finn – Your guide to happy living according to the Finns

Liisa Jokinen, World of TRE World of TRE

Kovakantinen kirja



Your guide to happy living according to the Finns

Live Like A Finn is a book about the everyday life of Finns, the happiest nation in the world. What is the secret of the Finnish happiness and lifestyle?

Live Like A Finn tells about people who take their shoes off before entering your house, eat most ice-cream in the world, and love both silence and heavy metal music, and about their country Finland; the land of tens of thousands of lakes, never-ending pine forests, millions of saunas, and Moomins. Live Like A Finn is not your average guidebook but it sure makes you want to visit this northern, curious country.

Liisa Jokinen is a Finnish-born writer, street style photographer, and entrepreneur living in New York. Päivi Häikiö is creative director at Agency Leroy and graphic designer behind identities of many Finnish brands and awarded books. World of TRE is Finland’s largest platform for exporting and selling the Nordic lifestyle. The sales collection of furniture, fashion, and home decoration reflects the company’s values; good design, beauty, sustainability, and transparency. World of TRE wants everyone to find happiness through good design.


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